IMat Coffee Grinder Made in Italy




We highly recommend the Imat coffee grinder for home.

Great Italian made quality, sits heavy on the bench.

Grinding your own beans is the best way to enjoy coffee at home, because whole beans retain freshness and flavour for much longer than ground coffee.

The Imat burr grinder has a fully adjustable grind setting and features superior conical burrs for a uniform grind every time. A burr grinder works by crushing the beans between two evenly spaced metal cones (the burrs), which are serrated to grip the beans. The fineness of the grind is controlled by the distance between the burrs. The result is a very fine & consistent grind, something which is essential for making good espresso coffee.

A blade grinder works more like a blender, with a blade that simply spins and chops the beans up. The grind is controlled by the length of time that the grinder is operated for. Often it is very difficult to get a fine grind and it is also to get any consistency in the grind size, two aspects which really blade grinders unsuitable for espresso.

This high quality Italian made grinder is the perfect complement to the Domobar Junior or the Domobar Super espresso machines, because unlike some other home grinders, the Imat Conical Burr grinder is capable of producing the very fine grind required for top end home (or even commercial) machines. We even use it to grind turkish coffee, which is ridiculously fine! It has a sturdy build quality with the stainless steel body and a small footprint making it ideal for domestic use.

*Replacement burrs available!

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Weight2 kg