Hario V60 2 Cup Black Tetsu Kasuya Edition


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The Hario V60 has made quite a name for itself in the coffee world. With its’ well known ceramic cone and spiral ribs, along with the large bottom hole, this piece of art has been designed for an amazing extraction! It conveniently sits directly on top of your cup or server, only takes a few minutes to brew, and is a breeze to clean. For best results, use the Hario kettle for a slow, steady pour!

This is the special edition black 2 cup dripper, designed by Tetsu Kasuya.

Tetsu Kasuya was the winner of the 2016 World Brewers Cup, and is well-known for around the world for his “4:6 Method” of making coffee. This method adjusts the taste of the coffee by separating the water used into 40% and 60%. Kasuya’s theory suggests that the first 40% of the water adjusts the balance of sweetness and acidity, and the remaining 60% adjusts the strength of the pour.

*Hario filters sold separately
Kettle and Jug not included

Made in Japan

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